We not only provide comprehensive services in the field of occupational health and safety and fire safety regulations, but we also focus on innovative solutions for industrial inspection methods.

We use unmanned aerial vehicles – drones – to perform hazardous work in hard-to-reach places. Thanks to these machines, many tasks are completed faster, more accurately, and above all, more safely.

The use of drones in visual surveys can in many cases replace complex and costly rope access techniques. In some situations, it also avoids the need for scaffolding by allowing you to perform a preliminary inspection of areas that are normally inaccessible.

Drone solutions are implemented, among others, in power plants or companies in the chemical industry. We follow the dynamically developing drone market to optimize and adapt our services to individual customer needs. The safety standards we have developed and the continuous improvement of our staff allow us to provide the highest quality services.

We specialize in the industrial sector, we focus on the quality of our services to be at the highest level. We make sure that our staff continues to grow both in flight and in our specialized services.

Advantages of using a drone


Drone solutions can be up to several times less expensive than traditional methods of performing inspections using specialized equipment or mountaineering techniques.


Our services reduce or completely eliminate hazardous work during certain types of inspections. Through strict safety procedures and a transparent inspection process, we ensure that customers can benefit from an innovative solution with minimal risk to people and plant.


By using drones, we significantly reduce inspection time as well as minimize downtime. For some controls, there is no need to shut down the plant, significantly minimizing associated losses.


We deliver a new quality to customers. Inspection data can be easily archived, compared over time, or made available to experts for additional research. High quality video also facilitates communication between stakeholders in our clients’ projects.


Flight range up to 2000 meters


Over 20 minutes on a single battery


State-of-the-art 4K quality cameras with powerful optical zoom


4K quality photos and recordings


8 GB internal capacity + up to 128 GB card


Works even in harsh weather conditions


Our offer is a tool for inspection and control of technical condition of buildings and structures. The flight is non-invasive to the environment, the time of realization of the recording is usually 1 day – from the moment of take-off, it takes only a few minutes to get a real live survey from the drone’s camera of every point of the environment within a radius of several hundred meters.

Support for engineers and construction professionals

We take photos of details and building elements for periodic inspections. Each project consists of complete photo and/or video documentation and a report prepared by a building inspector.

Inspection and visual survey from a drone of

buildingsrailroad tractions
roof surfacespipelines
solar cellsbridges
construction jointsGSM masts
chimneysrelay towers
tanksexternal installations
siloswind turbines

Identification of

surface porositylevel of snow on the roof
condition of the anti-corrosion coatingcontaminants
state of connections between elementsinsulation defects
damage to buildingsmoisture
installation defectsbuilding inspections

Roof surveys

monitoring the technical condition of the roof
monitoring the condition of chimneys and other roof installations
estimating the amount of snow deposited on roofs during winter periods

Facade surveys

locating damage, bird nests, etc.
periodic inspections
preparation of photo and video documentation for acceptance of façade works
inspections of structural expansion joints, window joinery and others

Balcony surveys

locating loose faceplates
assessment of the level of degradation of flashings and railings
no need to involve tenants in the inspection

Structural surveys

locating loose faceplates
assessment of the level of degradation of flashings and railings
no need to involve tenants in the inspection

Promotional videos

Shots taken with a drone are an excellent promotional method. Using a perspective that is invisible from ground level helps to catch the eye and attention of a potential customer. Showing an image that we are not normally able to experience is an effective form of advertising.

Promotional videos made with a drone are a great support for home sales as well. Estates situated on expansive lots, apartments in new multi-family buildings. Any building can be interestingly depicted from the air to catch the eye. The possibilities are endless!

Price list

All photos with 48Mpix camera, videos in 4K/60fps and panorama in HDR.

Photos up to 50 pieces1 flight up to 20 minutesfrom 400 PLN net
Photos up to 100 pieces2 flights, each up to 20 minutesfrom 700 PLN net
Photos up to 200 pieces3 flights, each up to 20 minutesfrom 1300 PLN net

The above price list is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article 66 § 1 of the Civil Code.

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We customize each quote based on our price list.
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